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WANDERIN is a concept series that delves into the intersection of running and artistry. Through the series we wanna anatomize, galvanize and show-off individuals and communities by exploring the fusion of running with art, poetry, prose, fashion, photography, documentary, music, and other creative bits.

WANDERIN will take viewers on a journey ft. individuals who have found a profound — and sometimes not-so-profound — connection between running and their respective art forms. The series ponders and dissects just how running has become a catalyst for creativity, enabling people to explore their Promethean potential and express themselves in new, unique and powerful ways.

Expect intimate interviews, eclectic visuals, hypnogogic tunes, poetry and avant-garde storytelling.

Reach out to get involved.



When I’m moving karma is paused

This motion gives me presence

Saucony’s spin in synergy with concrete essence

My endorphins are strong - like leopards

I shepard through Neon nights and Asian lights

I pound the ground,

I’ve drank my ground,

I forget about dollars and pounds

Take in all sounds

Moving through cities, country Sowing through towns

I know this flow

I grow but don’t get old, I take hold of ancient feelings

Haurache nascent secrets

I stay discreet,

The hedonistic lipstick smudges and begins to fade

While I wade through crowds,

I can’t resist, look at my wrist, heart beat’s sound

All senses heightened

La yu dan and stinky tofu vibrating

These vibe ratings

No hating, get behind me satan,

I’m in my groove armada


Oh shit, my phone is dying

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